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Nepal Grameen Bikas Bank Limited come into with Head office existence in 2014, August 15 (2071 Shrawan 30) at Butwal, Rupandehi District after successful merge of five Grameen Bikas Bank working in the five development region of Nepal as for Purbanchal Grameen Bikas Bank established in 1993/03/28, Biratnagar, Morang, Sudur Paschimanchal Grameen Bikas Bank established in 1993/03/28, Dhangadi, Kailali, Paschimanchal Grameen Bikas Bank established in 1995/04/01, Butwal, rupandehi, Madhya Paschimanchal Grameen Bikas Bank established in 1995/04/01, Nepalgunj, Banke and Madhymanchal Grameen Bikas Bank established in 1996/07/08 Janakpur, Dhanusha.

Message from CEO

It is great pleasure to me, my collogues and my institution to say about a Microfinance Bank, which is  strongly exceed to the rural poor and backward families in the Nepal .With  the initiation  and investment by Nepal Government  and Nepal Rastra Bank  ( Central Bank of Nepal)  to access  the microfinance services to deprived families in rural areas specially women and backwards families ,five Grameen Bikas Bank in five development regions are set up in 90’s decades . Now it is a matter of happiness that these five Banks have merged & became a National Microfinance Bank named Nepal Grameen Bikas Bank Ltd to provide the microfinance service all over the country.  Nepal Grameen Bikas Bank which is registered and established under the company act 2006 the government office of Nepal.

Services & Products

Non-Collateral Based Loan

Nepal Gramin Bikas Bank Ltd. provides financial system originated in Bangladesh by Prof. M. Yunus. The members are provided loan for their self-employment and income generation. NGBB has five major types of non-collateral loan i.e. general loan, seasonal loan, project loan, TLDP loan and miscellaneous loan. The members are also benefitted by group fund loan from their group fund saving.

Collateral Based Loan

Nepal Grameen Bikas Bank Ltd. also provides collateral loan to its members. Repayment period for this loan is two years. The loan ceiling is Rs. 300,000 and the interest rate is 18% on diminishing balance.

Non-Financial Services

-सामाजिक सचेतना बृद्धि (Social Awareness Raising)
– समूह तालिम (Group Training)
–  महिला शसक्तिकरण (Women Empowerment)
– प्राकृतिक श्रोत व्यवस्थापन सम्वन्धि जानकारी
– अवलोकन भ्रमण
– अनौपचारिक शिक्षा
–  वातावरण, स्वास्थ्य र सरसफाई
-नेतृत्व विकास
– शिपमुलक तालिम
– परिवार नियोजन,मातृशिसु स्याहार सम्वन्धी सचेतना

Finance & Management

Income Statement

The table shown below provides a clear outlook of a historical background and current situation of this bank.

Capital Structure

पूँजी संरचना
अधिकृत पूँजी :– १ अर्व
जारी पूँजी :– ६५ करोड ५० लाख
चुक्ता पूँजी :– ५५करोड ७४ लाख
विस्तार भएको जिल्ला :– ५२
सदस्य संख्या :– १ लाख ८५ हजार
कार्यालय संख्या :– १५२
कर्मचारी संख्या :– ९१२
लगानीमा रहेको कर्जा :– ३ अर्व ९३ करोड
वचत रकम :– १ अर्व २१ करोड

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